About me

My name is Scott Bedford, by day I am the Creative Director of a digital agency in London, and by nights (and weekends) a Webby Award-winning blogger who likes making things.

Diaper Sniper machine

My passion for making things started as a child. I used to spend hours drawing whacky machines, I even won a national competition for drawing a cheese factory (the competition was sponsored by Kraft!).

Later, when I was old enough to use my Father’s workshop, I spent my time building rat traps, motorised safes, bubble machines and rafts.

After school I went to Art College and pursued a career in the advertising and design industry. It was only as my eldest son began to draw, that my own interest in making things was reignited and I started this blog.

How to make a Webby Award

Two years later my blog won 2 Webby Awards and I secured a book deal.

I currently live with my wife and sons in Buckinghamshire, England.

Left illustration
Right illustration