Webby Award Winner and People's Voice Winner... So What?

15th Annual Webby Awards

"Here's One I Made Earlier! [My 5 Word Acceptance Speech]"

- Scott Bedford

Yes, so what if this blog has won two Webby Awards!

It makes no difference to the people who visit this blog, it’s just ego stroking… right? Wrong, it does make a difference, at least a little bit.

Here’s why it matters

84% of visitors land here via a Google search and in just a few few seconds decide if it’s worthing sticking around. So it’s useful for them to know that both the Webby Award judges, and discerning public, have given this blog a big thumbs up!

BTW: This blog had a different name (whatimade.com) when it won the Webby Award. I changed the name last year.

Make your own Webby Award

If you want, you could always make your own Webby Award from wire - although I guess that would be cheating!

Are you persuaded?

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