3 ways to get your kids to eat their dinner (yes, including their vegetables)

It’s amazing what kids will do in order to win a dare (or prove their parents wrong) - that even includes finishing their food and eating vegetables!

So, with that principle in mind, these three ‘finish your food challenge cards’ are designed to trigger your kids competitive streak.

Card 1: Monkey’s bottom

Finish your dinner challenge card: last one to finish their food is a monkey's bottom

Card 2: Food vacuum

Finish your dinner challenge card: food vacuum

Card 3: Space races

Finish your dinner challenge card: space race

Proof that they work

I’ve tested them on my two boys and they do work - however, the novelty does where off quickly, so you might need more than three cards!

Finish your dinner challenge cards in action (with empty plates)

How to make one

Follow the instructions below, the trickiest part will be making the clip attachment. I used a bulldog clip and wire, the goal is to attach one end of the wire to the bulldog clip, and then bend the other end in such a way that it can grip the base of the cards.

As for the the card designs, they don’t need to be highly finished, the idea and message is more important – just have fun. But just in case you are out of inspiration, I have made colour and black and white versions of my designs available for download (see link below).

Download the Nerf gun target artwork

Five paper Nerf gun targets: how-to illustration
Left illustration
Right illustration