Picky Eater Solution: Finish Your Food Challenge Cards

Give your free time creative purpose
Finish your food challenge card: how to get your kids to eat their food
No one wants to be called a monkey's bottom!
Finish your food challenge card: how to get your kids to eat their food
Or have their food stolen!
Finish your food challenge card: how to get your kids to eat their food
Or miss the worm hole!

Dare you kids to eat their vegetables… you’ll be surprised how well it works!

That’s exactly what these ‘finish your food’ challenge cards are designed to do. They trigger your kids competitive streak and get them clearing their plates… brocoli, or no brocoli!

But do they really work? Well, keep reading to find out…

Yes, they do work

I’ve tested them and they do work (see below)… however, the novelty does where off, so you might need more than three designs!

Finish your dinner challenge cards in action (with empty plates)
Yay, two (almost) empty plates!

Step by step guide

I’ve provided printable artwork for the 3 designs above. Just sign-up below for the worksheet and you’ll get sent a download link.

Print, colour, stick
Finish your dinner challenge cards: illustration 1

Print the artwork onto card (210gsm)… choose between colour or a black and white version you can colour in yourself (1).

If you can’t print onto card, use normal weight paper and then mount it onto card using spray mount or paper glue (2).

Next, cut the illustration out using a pair of scissors, I’ve included a convenient outline for you to cut around (3).

Make the clip
Finish your dinner challenge cards: illustration 2

You’ll need a bulldog clip big enough to fit onto a plate… and wire at least 1.5mm thick (you’ll find this in the garden section of your hardware store).

Using a pair of pliers tightly bend the wire around the inner part of the bulldog handle (3A). Next, bend the wire towards the outer part of the handle and wrap it tightly around again (3B). Finally, bend the wire over and past the jaws, and add the two slots for the challenge card to sit into (3C).

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Printable artwork
Clip it on
Finish your dinner challenge cards: illustration 3

Squeeze the handle and attach your challenge card clip onto the edge of a plate (6), then push the challenge card into the two slots (7).

Easier way
Finish your dinner challenge cards: illustration 4

If bending wire is not your thing, try this approach. Cut and fold a piece of card as shown in illustration (8). Apply paper glue to the side tabs (A) to secure it, ensuring the back of the bracket leans back slightly.

Glue the bracket onto the back of the challenge card and use the bulldog clip to attach it to the edge of the plate (9).


  • A4 paper and card
  • Scissors
  • Paper glue
  • Spray mount (optional)
  • Colouring pens (optional)
  • 1.5mm wire
  • Bulldog clip

What will I learn?

1) By creatively appealing to your kids competitive side, you can get them to do the things they wouldn’t normally do.

2) How to bend wire… this is a great starter project for pratcicing and developing your wire bending skills (one of my favourite materials).

3) Making stuff is not just about creating objects that are nice to look at… you can solve real life problems too.

Give it your own twist

There’s probably lots of great ways you can spin this idea - so why not give it your own twist! You can even try and solve other food related habits, such as messy eating! Good luck.

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