4 creepy reasons why you will never throw an old pencil away again

Give worn out pencils a new lease of life by transforming them into creepy crawlies.

Use them to decorate your fruit bowl, or prank the kids by sneaking a bug into their packed lunch!

Fly trail

No.1 Emperor moth caterpillar

Latin name: Saturnia pavonia
Previous life: Staedtler Noris 2B pencil

Pencil and paper clip bugs: emperor moth caterpillar
I'm not eating that apple!

No.2 Common wasp

Latin name: Vespula Vulgaris
Previous life: W H SMith HB pencil

Pencil and paper clip bug: common wasp
Buzz off!

No.3 Common house fly

Latin name: Musca domestica
Previous life: Berol Mirado HB pencil

Pencil and paper clip bug: common house fly
No toast and butter for me!

No.4 Earthworm

Latin name: Ocypus olens
Previous life: Derwent Watercolour pencil

Pencil and paper clip bug: earthworm
Mind where you are stepping!

How to make one

I’ve included a detailed tutorial on how to make your own bugs below.

Fly trail

It’s worth pointing out, before you start, that sawing and sanding pencils is quite a messy business (the pencil lead gets everywhere) - if that’s going to ‘bug’ you, try using some dowel instead.

How to make Four Pencil and Paper Clip bugs: illustrated guide

Do your own thing

There’s a lot more creep crawlies you could make using this technique - but I’d love to see a spider, I think that would complete the set!

Left illustration
Right illustration