5 Nerf Gun Targets Your Kids Will Love to Shoot... for Hours

Give your free time creative purpose

Give your kids something to aim at… other than each other… your dog… your neighbour… or YOU!

Like these five printable targets on stands… they are pretty cool!

They are also a great way to conserve bullets, which can easily get lost when the kids run around the garden shooting each other.

They are also super cool! Take a look…

1) Penny Farthing Bomber: 50pts

Printable Paper Nerf gun target: penny farthing bomber

2) Sneaky Trash Can Squirter: 30pts

Printable Paper Nerf gun target: trash can squirter

3) Hydraulic Stilt Stomper: 11pts

Printable Paper Nerf gun target: hydraulic stilt stomper

4) Chainsaw Tree Stalker: 40pts

Printable Paper Nerf gun target: chainsaw wielding tree stalker

5) Bathtub Copter: 5pts

Paper Nerf gun target: bath tub copter

What will I learn?

1) Making something to enhance an exisitng game or toy is a fantastic way to test your creative thinking.

2) If you have paper, card and sticky tape… then you have all that you need to make something fun and interesting.

3) There’s always more than one way to make something… if one method is too complex, there will be a way to simplify it.

Step by step guide

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Ready? Then, let’s get to it…

Make the cards
How to make Five Printable Paper Nerf Gun Targets: illustration 1

Print the targets onto A4 card (210gsm) and colour them in (1). If you can only print onto paper, mount the paper onto card using glue or spray mount (2).

Once you’ve done that, losely cut out the targets using scissors.

Make the stands
How to make Five Printable Paper Nerf Gun Targets: illustration 2

Contsruct the stands by bending thick wire (1.5mm +) using pliers and your hands, use the illustration above for visual reference (3).

Next, attach the reverse side of the paper targets onto the stands using sticky tape (4). If necessary, adjust the wire to ensure the targets are stable.

How to make Five Printable Paper Nerf Gun Targets: illustration 3

If fiddling with wire is not your idea of fun, here’s an alternative way to make the stands using toilet roll tubes!

Take a toilet roll tube and cut a slit 3/4 of the way down one side (5A). Next, cut a short horizontal slit at the base of the first cut (5B).

Fold in the two ‘flaps’ and flatten them (6). Finally, attach the paper target into the recessed area using sticky tape or glue (7).

That’s it, turn them around and start shooting at them (8)!


  • Wire (1.5mm thick)
  • Pliers
  • Sticky tape
  • Paper glue or spray mount
  • Colouring pens
  • 5 toilet rolls*

Nerf gun party activity

This project is perfect for children’s parties.

Start be pre-preparing the materials… but let the kids colour in their targets and stick them onto the stands.

Then, one at a time, let each child arrange their targets on a table (or the floor) a set distance away… around 6-10 ft.

Next, let them shoot at their targets until they have knocked them all over, reloading if necessary… but keep track of the number of shots.

The winner is the child that uses the least number of bullets. If there is a tie, organise a deciding shoot-off!

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