6 Ingenious Ways to Keep Your Kids Busy at a Coffee Shop

Meeting up with friends over coffee is one of life’s little pleasures… unless the kids are coming too, in which case it’s often one of life’s major frustrations!

Well, here’s 6 ingenious activities that will help, they are all guaranteed to keep the kids busy while you enjoy your coffee.

Also, they only use the ’materials’ available in the coffee shop, and are easy to make, so require minimum adult intervention.

No.1 Espresso train

Keeps kids entertained for: 15 mins
Pros: Kids love trains, enough said!
Cons: Adults will need to get heavily involved

Coffee shop activity: Espresso Train

How to make it

Coffee shop activity: Espresso Train how-to illustration

No.2 Table football

Keeps kids entertained for: 10min
Pros: Very easy, and great for more than one child
Cons: It can get a bit noisy!

Coffee shop activity: Table Football

No.3 Checker board

Keeps kids entertained for: 10mins
Pros: Great challenge for older kids (7+)
Cons: You need a lot of sticks!

Coffee shop activity: Checker Board

No.4 Wagon wheel

Keeps kids entertained for: 5mins
Pros: One for the young children (3+)
Cons: You can’t take it away with you.**

Coffee shop activity: Wagon Wheel

No.5 Baby sick!

Keeps kids entertained for: 8mins
Pros: You only need a pen…
Cons: …it needs to be a permanent marker

Coffee shop activity: Baby Sick

No.6 Stick house

Keeps kids entertained for: 10mins
Pros: The perfect starter for older kids (7+)
Cons: Some parent involvement required

Coffee shop activity: Stick House

How to make it

Coffee shop activity: Stick House how-to illustration

Do your own thing

Don’t let these ideas inhibit your creativity, there are plenty more ideas waiting to be discovered. Just remember to keep a Sharpie in your bag, that’s the one thing that’s always worth having with you, because if nothing else, the kids can decorate their paper cup.

Left illustration
Right illustration