The (Second) Best Activity You Can Do with a Sledge

There’s nothing more exciting than snow, sledges, and a BIG hill. But when your kids energy levels flag, trying playing Battle Sledges.

The rules

It’s simple to play, but you need two sledges.

Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
Prepare to do battle!

Start by sticking each sledge upright in the snow (facing each other and 20ft apart) then draw a battle line down the middle.

Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
Check out my snowball stash!

Divide the players into two teams, and choose a side for each team to play. Then give each team 10 minutes to stock their sledge barricades with as many snow balls as they can!

Battle sledges: a fun snow activity
Bet you can't hit me!

Finally, on the count of 3, the battle can commence!

The objective is simple, each team must hit the opposing team’s players with as many snowballs as possible, a direct hit equals 1 point.

Remember to use the sledge as a protective shield, it could save you precious points. Also, you’re not allowed to cross the battle line, so no raiding the other team’s ammo stash!

I’ve provided a fun overview below, enjoy!

Battle sledges: how-to illustration
Can't read the overview?


No. 1

Faces and especially eyes are off limits, however, sneaky shots down the back of the neck are allowed.

No. 2

The body area is the most padded, don’t waste your ammo aiming here.

No. 3

Legs are less protected - wait for your opponent to bend over and aim for the top of the trousers.

No. 4

Keep your snowball ammo protected behind each sledge.

No. 5

Place the sledges 20ft apart and draw a battle line in the middle - each side mustn’t dross this line..

Do your own thing

Kids love making up their own games, but given too much freedom, they’ll spend all their time arguing over the rules! That’s why it’s always good to have a starting point - hopefully ‘Battle Sledges’ has given you some ideas.

Left illustration
Right illustration