Chopstick birdfeeder: Why You Should Choose Noodles and not Steak

Eating out? Well, give your local steak house a pass and head for your nearest ramen (noodle) bar, as well as serving delicious food they’ll also provide you with disposable chopsticks.

In fact, persuade your friends or family to join you, in one sitting you could collect enough chopsticks to make the pagoda inspired chopstick and Coke can bird feeder pictured below.

Birdfeeder made from repurposed chopsticks and soda cans
Come birdies! Dinner time!

How to make one

To make your own chopstick and Coke can bird feeder, follow the instructions below. If you are struggling to find chopsticks, just substitute them with good old fashioned wooden dowel, available at any hardware store.

How to make a Chopstick and Coke can bird feeder: illustrated guide
Can't read the instructions?

What you need

3 Coke (soda) cans and 7 disposable chopsticks. You’ll only need basic tools, but tin snips are essential.

Step 1

Use the tin snips to remove the bases and tops of the soda cans.

Step 2

Snip along each side to make 3 flat rectangular sheets.

Step 3

Flatten out one sheet (it should measure 217mm x 88mm). Find the mid-point and drill holes as shown.

Step 4

Roll the end of the sheet around a chopstick. It will be a loose fit, so remove the chopstick and squeeze the roll with your fingers. Insert the chopstick again - it should now be a nice tight fit.

Step 5

If the chopsticks stick out too far, trim the ends using a saw. That’s the roof done!

Step 6

Take another sheet and cut out 2 rectangles 127mm x 39mm.

Step 7

Fold each rectangle twice to form a long thin strip.

Step 8-9

Drill a hole through each end (the diameter of the chopstick) and fold a corner over on each side over using pliers.

Step 10

Push the strips onto the ends of the ‘roof chopsticks’ to form an arch shape, as shown.

Step 11

Take the last sheet and cut it to the measurements shown.

Step 12-13

Fold the sides in half. Bend the ends upwards and then fold the side flaps inwards.

Step 14-15

Fold the ends down (over the side flaps) and then fold backwards, in half, as shown.

Step 16-18

Drill holes in both ends and slide a chopstick through. Bend the corners up using pliers.

Step 19

Assemble the bird feeder using small screws to attach the roof and base.

Do your own thing

If you want to keep it simple, ditch the Coke can and grab a plastic milk bottle instead. Cut holes in the sides using a craft knife (or sharp scissors) and stick chopsticks through to create bird perches. You can even decorate your bottle using acrylic paints.

Left illustration
Right illustration