Two Simple Mother's Day Cards Every Child Can Make

These handmade Mothers Day cards that will put a smile on Mommy’s face, and a glow in her heart! As well as being super cute, they are very easy to make, so Dad… you and the kids, have no excuses!

Both projects are from my book, Made by Dad: 67 blueprints for making cool stuff, my lovely publisher Workman has made them available for download (link at bottom of page), so a big shout out to them.

Card 1: I love you this much

I love you this much: cute handmade Mother's Day card
Before opening…
I love you this much: cute handmade Mother's Day card
…after opening (that's a lotta love)!

Every parent has had the “I love you this much” conversation with their kids – this cool fold-out Mothers Day card will give the kids a chance to show how much “this much” is!

Card 2: Mommy rewards

Mother's Day Mommy Rewards
Mother's Day Mommy Reward - breakfast in bed

These Mommy Rewards are more than just a card, they are a Mother’s Day present as well. Just think about the things Mommy would like (such as breakfast in bed) or the things Mommy doesn’t like (tidying up the kids room) and put them on the reward cards. Remember, the rewards are redeemable at any time, so be prepared!

Please note: It goes without saying that these projects are perfect for Mummies, Mamas and even Grandmas too!

Download both Mother's Day cards

Do your own thing

Greeting cards, whether they are for Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day or birthdays are loads of fun to make. Why? Because the recipient will cherish them whatever they look like, so please, don’t be put off, even a simple heartfelt drawing is better than a card bought in the shops!

Left illustration
Right illustration