Halloween Hack: How to Turn Your Knife Block into Spooky Decor

Penn and Teller, famous for their sometimes gory illusions (such as their famous card knifing trick), would love this spooky Halloween decoration.

But unlike one of their elaborate illusions, this super simple hack, requires nothing more than a piece of card and a knife block.

Halloween knife-block cut-out: scary Mummy
Mummy: “Hey! Watch where you put those!”
Halloween knife-block cut-out: Frankenstein
Frankenstein: “Hey, that’s my best jacket!”

How to turn your own knife block into spooky decor

This is a great project for the kids (well, the drawing part, Mummy or Daddy will need to handle the knives). If you want to skip the drawing, just print out my spooky Halloween artwork. I’ve provided instructions for both options, either way it’s a fun quick project.

Download spooky Halloween artwork

How to make Halloween knife-block cut-outs: illustrated guide
Can't read the instructions?

What you need

Two sheets of A4 paper, A3 white card (or join two A4 pieces), a pencil, colouring-in pens, scissors or a craft knife, paper glue (or sticky tape) and a knife-block!

Making your spooky cutouts from scratch:

Step 1

Make a rough template by joining the A4 paper with glue or tape. Lean it against the knife-block and crease around the end of the block.

Step 2

Within the creases loosely sketch the body of your character. Now add arms, legs and a head and then cut it out.

Step 3

Position the template against the knife-block, if it looks OK place it on the white card and trace around it with a pencil.

Step 4

Now draw your final spooky character using felt-tip pens. Cut it out using a craft knife or scissors. Finally, lean the cut-out against the knife-block and push the knifes through the card into the knife slots.

Using my artwork:

Step 5

Print out my artwork and if required mount it onto card.

Step 6

Cut out the artwork using a craft knife and then glue the legs onto the body. Repeat step 5 and you’re all done!

Do your own thing

There’s lots of opportunities to give this project your own twist. Firstly, you could draw different characters - a zombie or Dracula for example. Secondly, you could up the ‘age rating’ and and add a little more blood and gore to your drawing.

Also, before you stick knives through your drawing, why not scan it, so you can re-use your artwork for other decoration.

Left illustration
Right illustration