How to Make a Cardboard Fort (with Secret Escape Chute)

This cardboard fort was given a ‘Health and Safety’ makeover - an escape chute was added so the Lego diver could escape from the Lego shark!

Adding an escape chute was such a small addition, but it transformed what was a simple cardboard fort into something much more fun.

How to make a Cardboard Fort with Escape Chute

How to make your own cardboard fort

I’m not going to provide step by step instructions, it’s too simple for that. But I’ve added a little illustration below, it shows how the chute needs to run from underneath a tower (made from a toilet roll) to a hole in the side of the box. You’ll need to ensure the angle is steep enough for the Lego character to slide down without getting stuck.

Cardboard fort with escape chute: how-to illustration

Do your own thing

Making a cardboard fort is a rite of passage for every child (and parent), but no one said they had to be realistic medieval replicas - so have fun, and add your own imaginative touches.

Left illustration
Right illustration