How to Make Charming Paper Dice Without Using a Ruler

Apparently 3 out of 10 people are perfectionists. If that includes you, please don’t read any further - these paper dice are definitely not for you!

Why? Because each dice is extremely wonky, they have lots of gaps and cracks, and are unashamedly held together with sticky tape.

Four delightfully wonky paper dice
Four flavours of dice, all charmingly wonky!
Delightfully wonky paper dice: flower power
No.1: Flower power
Delightfully wonky paper dice: classical
No.2: Classical
Delightfully wonky paper dice: stripey
No.3: Stripey
Delightfully wonky paper dice: sweet-tooth
No.4: Sweet-tooth

The idea came from having to quickly make a paper dice for my son (he’d lost the dice to one of his board games) - I used the technique outlined below and found the results quite charming.

How to make your own dice without using a ruler

Just follow these simple instructions or use my printable artwork.

Printable wonky paper dice

How to make wonky paper dice: illustrated guide
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First, the rules:

Rule 1

No rulers can be used in the making of dodgy dice.

Rule 2

Each side of the dice must be different

Rule 3

Gaps and cracks are to be celebrated.

Rule 4

The dice must be assembled hastily using sticky tape not glue.

How to do it:

Step 1

Draw six freehand squares, some with tabs, onto paper or card (as shown in illustration 1).

Step 2

Draw on the ‘numbers’. Use your imagination and have some fun!

Step 3

Now cut out the dice. You don’t have to be accurate.

Step 4

Fold the tabs inwards, and then fold the sides inwards, until a cube shape is formed.

Step 5

Finally, use sticky tape to join the sides together.

Remember the more uneven and wonky the dice the better - so work loosely and don’t fuss too much!

Do your own thing

We tend to want to do things accurately, especially when it comes to making things. Sometimes it’s fun to embrace imperfection, perhaps this is something you could apply to other projects you are working on.

Left illustration
Right illustration