How to Make a Rustic Bowl from Twigs, Sticks and Wire

If you can’t find suitable materials lying around the house, try the garage, and if that fails, let nature provide some wonderful materials free of charge.

This project is testament to that, all the wood was scavenged while on a walk in a nearby wood. The other two main materials, wire and an old biscuit tin, I found lying around the garage.

Stylish twig and wire bowl
Walk the dog, but don’t throw sticks, keep them!
Stylish twig and wire bowl
Just cut to length, drill holes, and add some wire, easy.
Stylish twig and wire bowl
Looks great with or without fruit.

How to make your own bowl from twigs and sticks

Why not give it a go? You’ll find details on how to make your own ‘twig and wire’ fruit bowl below.

How to make a Twig and Wire Fruit Bowl: illustrated guide

Please note: You will probably need to sand the ‘biscuit tin’ base to remove the printed surface. I’d also suggest spending some time, after steps 8 and 9, shaping the bowl by bending the twigs and wire.

Do your own thing

When it comes to planning your next craft project, try looking around you, there could be things right under your nose you could make use of. If so, try making something fun from them, it will exercise your imagination and save you a trip to the shops!

Left illustration
Right illustration