Wacky Gift Wrapping: How to Make Christmas Even More Exciting

The excitement of Christmas morning might be difficult to beat, but imagine the extra smiles when your kids discover their presents being carried of by these mischievous mice thieves!

It’s also a great way to make birthday mornings more fun. And don’t think it’s just for the kids, your wife or husband would probably love it as well.

Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “Quick! Before Santa sees us!”
Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “I hope there’s cheese in here…”
Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “…yes, I don’t want another pair of socks!”

How to make your own wacky gift wrapping

As far as craft projects go, this one is fairly easy to make, just follow the instructions outlined below. I’ve also provided printable artwork for the mice, and a template for the stand.

Download mice artwork and stand template

How to make Mouse Thieves: illustrated guide
Can't read the instructions?

What you need

One corrugated cardboard box, white card (210gsm), paper, colouring-in pens, glue, craft knife or scissors and a steel ruler.

Easy peesy stand

Step 1

Cut a piece of cardboard from the box.

Step 2

Draw the cutting plan as shown (illustration 2) and cut it out using the craft knife and steel ruler.

Step 3

Apply glue to the 'glue tab' and attach it to the inside of 'section b'.

Step 4

Fold up the flaps on each end and glue them onto the ends of the mid-section.

Step 5

Print the mouse artwork onto white card and color it in using felt-tip pens.

Step 6

Cut the mice out (minimum 4) and glue them onto the stands.

Easy peesy stand

Step 7

Cut a section of toilet roll 56mm long.

Step 8

Squash it to make an oval shape.

Step 9

Glue a mouse to the narrow end.

Step 10

Now slide your mice under a wrapped pressie! Perfect for Christmas morning or birthdays.

Do your own thing

There is a way of achieving the same results without making the stands (courtesy of Julie): simply prop the wrapped present on a block of wood and stick the mice around the side of the present – sneaky, hey?

Left illustration
Right illustration