How to Make a Stylish Egg Cup from a Repurposed Fork

Whether you call it upcycling, recycling or repurposing - this is one cool way to transform an old fork into something more exciting.

Strangely, the internet is full of repurposed fork projects, but as far as I know this was the first egg cup made from a fork.

It’s simple craft to make, but pick the wrong fork and it will be like trying to bend an iron bar - so choose wisely!

Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
An old bent fork, throw it away…
Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
…but wait, it’s an egg cup holder.
Egg cup made from a repurposed (recycled) fork
It makes your eggs even sunnier!

How to make your own recycled fork egg cup

I have provided instructions below, but if you have a well stocked workshop you may find a better way to bend the fork. The most important thing to get right is the shape of the base, you don’t want an egg cup prone to tipping over. Good luck and enjoy the work out!

How to repurpose (recycle) an old fork into an egg cup: illustrated tutorial
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What you’ll need

An old metal fork with long tines, a hammer, pliers and someone with strong muscles!

Step 1

Bend the fork handle into a u-shape using a claw hammer.

Step 2

Now bend the fork tines upwards (as shown).

Step 3

Continue to bend and shape the fork into a stable base. Use the pliers to bend the tines outwards.

Step 4

Now bend the two central tines apart.

Step 5

Finally, curve the tines using pliers until the egg is supported snugly.

Please note: The ideal fork will have long tines (able to cradle an egg) and a handle long enough to form a stable base.

Do your own thing

Do some Googling and you’ll find some really imaginative examples of recycled forks. Can you add some new ideas to the list?

Left illustration
Right illustration