How to Make a Cardboard Fort with Escape Chute

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Cardboard Fort with Escape Chute

Fuel your kids imagination by adding a sneaky escape chute to their cardboard fort.

It’s how my son’s Lego diver was able to escape from the viscous Lego Shark!

I’m sure your kid’s Lego men will also find it useful… it’s really easy to make, and you only need a few materials…

Here’s how it works

When the shark attacks, the Lego man jumps down the tower, simple…

Illustration of a Lego shark
Illustration of a cardboard fort with escape chute

Step by step guide

This project doesn’t need a lot of explaining, let’s jump to it…

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Printable artwork
Escape chute
How to make an escape chute for your cardboard fort: illusration 1

Cut a rectangular piece of card from the front of a cereal box and roll it into a chute shape. Cut tabs into one end of the chute and glue them onto the inside of the box (1A), glue the other end to the bottom of the box in front of an exit hole (1B) - ensure the angle is steep enough for the Lego character to slide!

Watch tower
How to make an escape chute for your cardboard fort: illusration 2

Place a toilet roll tube on top of the fort, above the top end of the chute, and trace around the inside using a pencil. Cut out the circle (2C).

Next, cut ‘battlements’ into the end of the tube (2A) and glue a narrow card platform onto the inside( 2B)… big enough for the Lego man to stand on it, but small enough for him (or her!) to get past.

Gun turret
How to make a gun turret for your cardboard fort: illusration 3

And, here’s a bonus idea… accesorise your fort with a rotating gun turret using a paper clip as a pivot and a kebab stick as a gun barrel!

What will I learn?

1) Adding something functional, like an escape chute, does more to encourage ‘imaginative play’ than making your fort look pretty.

2) Cardboard forts are not just for knights and princesses, they are also for Lego divers and Lego sharks - think outside the box (wink!).

3) The difference between lame and cool is often nothing more than a tiny bit of imagination.

Give it your own twist

Making a cardboard fort is a rite of passage for every child (and parent), but no one said they had to be realistic medieval replicas - so have fun, and add your own imaginative touches.

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