Make Christmas EVEN More Fun with This Easy Gift Wrap Idea

Give your free time creative purpose

Give your kids a magical Christmas memory they’ll never forget.

Picture the scene: It’s Christmas morning and your kids run into the living room looking for their presents… BUT…

…instead of finding them under the tree, they find them halfway across the floor… being carried away by a gang of mice!

What child would forget that?

What’s more, this ingenious gift wrap idea won’t cost you a penny, and if you use the printable artwork… it won’t cost you much time either…

Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “Quick! Before Santa sees us!”
Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “I hope there’s cheese in here…”
Cut-out paper mice stealing christmas presents
Translation: “…yes, I don’t want another pair of socks!”

What will I learn?

Making stuff isn’t just about ‘the thing’ being made… here’s two other important factors to consider:

Context - “Paper mice carrying something” only has impact when the something is your kid’s Christmas present, and the time is Christmas morning! Always think about context and have fun with it.

Staging - Placement and setting are crucial… it’s only by positioning the mice away from the Christmas tree that we create the impression the mice are on the run! Staging is definitely something we could all think more about.

Step by step guide

As far as craft projects go, this one is fairly easy to make, just follow the instructions outlined below.

I’ve also provided printable artwork for the mice and a template for the stand… sign-up below and I’ll send you a link.

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Printable artwork
Cut out
How to make Mouse Thieves: illustration 1

Cut a piece of cardboard from a corrugated cardboard box (1). Draw the cutting plan above onto it (2) and cut it out using a craft knife and steel ruler.

Fold & Glue
How to make Mouse Thieves: illustration 2

Glue the ‘Glue tab’ to the inside of ‘Section B’ (3). Apply glue to the ends of the midsection and fold up and join the top and bottom flaps (4).

Add the mice
How to make Mouse Thieves: illustration 3

Print the mouse artwork onto white card, choose between full colour or a black and white version you can colour in (5). If you can’t print onto card, print onto paper and then mount it onto card using glue (6). Finally, cut out the mice (7) and glue them onto the midsection of the stand (8).

Easy stand!
How to make Mouse Thieves: illustration 4

The folded stand is designed to be cleverly hidden by the mice. If you are looking for something easier, cut a 56mm section from a toilet roll tube (9), squash it (10) and glue the mouse onto the flattened end (10).

How to make Mouse Thieves: illustration 5

To complete the effect, slide two mice under opposite sides of a wrapped pressie, at least 3 or 4 feet away from the Christmas tree… where they will be easily spotted by your excited kids!


  • One corrugated cardboard box
  • White card (210gsm)
  • Paper
  • Colouring-in pens
  • Paper glue
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Craft knife or scissors
  • Steel ruler (for use with craft knife)
  • Toilet roll tubes (for easy stand option)

Give it your own unique twist

There is a way of achieving the same results without making the stands (courtesy of Julie): simply prop the wrapped present on a block of wood and stick the mice around the side of the present – sneaky, hey?

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