One of the Most Ridiculous Things I Ever Made (and Why I Still Love It)

Sliced bread doesn't have to be boring!
Wire and bead toast connectors
From these simple wire and bead connectors...
Toast connector inserted into toast can join slices of toast...
Toast connectors: tower of toast
...until you have a huge toast tower!

Toast connectors are unlikely to become the next must-have product, but sometimes it’s good to make things just because they are silly.

And this project is definitely very silly!

Never-the-less, designing and making the connectors was a fun and imaginative exercise, and that’s where the rewards lay, and that’s the reason why I still love this project so much.

How to make one

To be honest, you could probably create a toast tower just using cocktail sticks. But that would be a bit boring, so here’s how I made my version using beads and paper clips.

How to make Toast Connectors: illustrated guide
Can't read the instructions?

What you'll need

This is a nice easy project. All you need is some beads, FIMO and wire (even a paper clip would work). You’ll also nee some wire cutters, or pliers with a cutter.

Step 1

Straighten the wire and cut it into 60mm lengths.

Step 2

Roll thin sausages of FIMO and then plug the holes in the beads.

Step 3

Carefully push the wire strips through each bead.

Step 4

Fill the gaps with more FIMO and smooth with your finger.

Step 5

Bake the beans to harden the FIMO. Now you can start stacking!

Do your own thing

I think everyone has to construct a toast tower at least once in their life. So even if you go for the simple cocktail stick option, why not surprise your kids next time they have a sleep over?

Left illustration
Right illustration