Paper fortune teller: 8 predictions that will gross out your kids

Most parents will have to make a paper fortune teller for their kids at one time or another. Adding funny illustrated predictions is great way to make it a little more fun.

To get you going, I’ve provided folding instructions and downloadable artwork below, but first, why not play along?

Go on, pick a colour…

Paper fortune teller showing the colours

Now, pick a number…

Paper fortune teller showing the numbers

Here’s your fortune…
No. 1: You will be attacked by a robot with a human brain.
No. 2: You will get grunged by the ‘poo’ machine.

Funny paper fortune teller showing predictions 1 and 2

No. 3: You will be forced to wear a smelly sock balaclava.
No. 4: Your bedroom will be moved into the basement.

Funny paper fortune teller showing predictions 3 and 4

No. 5: You will be eaten by a shark… slowly.
No. 6: You will be abducted by an alien (while you’re sleeping).

Funny paper fortune teller showing predictions 5 and 6

No. 7: You will get a fright from the toilet monster.
No. 8: You will have to eat ‘snot’ toast for breakfast.

Funny paper fortune teller showing predictions 7 and 8

How to make one

To make your own fortune teller just follow these super-simple folding instructions. I’ve also included colour and black and white versions of the artwork, in case you’d like to colour them in yourself.

Download fortune teller artwork

How to make a funny paper fortune teller: illustrated guide
Can't read the instructions?

What you'll need

All you need is paper and colouring pens.

Step 1

Print out the artwork onto A4 or A3 paper.

Step 2

Cut along the dotted lines, leaving a square shape.

Step 3

Colour in the pictures.

Step 4

Create creases by folding the square in half from both directions.

Step 5

Repeat, but by folding from corner to corner, in both directions.

Step 6

Now turn the paper over and fold the corners into the centre, crease the folds using your finger.

Step 7

Turn the paper over once more, and fold the corners into the centre, creasing the folds, just as in the previous step.

Step 8

Finally, turn the paper over one last time, and tease out the flaps to form the completed fortune teller shape.

Do your own thing

If you want draw your own ‘gross’ predictions, construct a fortune teller from a blank square piece of paper first, then un-fold it, and then add the numbers and predictions.

Remember, be gross, but not too gross!

Left illustration
Right illustration