Four Charming Hand Drawn Paper Dice Printables

Give your free time creative purpose
Four delightfully wonky paper dice
Four flavours of dice, all charmingly wonky!

Stop dice rolling off the table… make WONKY paper dice!

Not only will it save you from picking the dice off the floor… they are very liberating to make.

However, for the 30% of the population who are perfectionists this project is not for you, try a less wonky project!

For the other 70%… loosen up and embrace your wonky side…

Step by step guide

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Let’s make a start…

Get drawing
How to make wonky paper dice: illustration 1

Draw six FREEHAND squares with tabs (in the configuration shown above) onto paper or card (1). Cut around the outside of the squares and tabs… you don’t have to be accurate (2).

Draw the numbers 1 to 6 onto the dice.. use your imagination, for example you could spell the numbers or draw objects!

Get folding
How to make wonky paper dice: illustration 2

Fold the tabs inwards, and then fold the sides inwards, until a cube shape is formed… remember, it’s supposed to be wonky, so don’t panic!

Get sticking
How to make wonky paper dice: illustration 3

Finally, use sticky tape to loosely join the sides together… again, don’t fuss too much, if everything joins up perectly you’ve done something wrong!


  • A4 card (210gsm)
  • Pencil and ruler
  • Colouring pens or crayons
  • Scissors or a craft knife
  • That’s all!

What will I learn?

1) To be less precious.. even when you think precision is required, sometimes wonky is more charming.

2) How to visualise numbers in imaginative ways… most dice just have dots… here’s an opportunity to be far more creative.

Give it your own twist

We tend to want to do things accurately, especially when it comes to making things. Sometimes it’s fun to embrace imperfection, perhaps this is something you could apply to other projects you are working on.

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