Turn 46 Wooden Stirring Sticks into This Stylish Container

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Container made from repurposed stirring sticks
The all-purpose stir stick container…
Container made from repurposed stirring sticks
…great for storing coffee…
Container made from repurposed stirring sticks
…even better for tidying your kitchen utensils!

Turn your coffee stirring sticks into something of real value.

After all, you deserve it, you’ve probably bought 100s of coffees over the years for no reward.

All you need is 46 stirring sticks, the wooden variety (I got mine from Starbucks)… so start collecting today!

Step by step guide

As well as 46 stirring sticks, there’s a few other materials you’ll need, so check out the materials list at the bottom of the page.

How to make a wooden stirring stick container: illustration 1

Drill two 1.5mm holes 26mm from the ends of the 46 stirring sticks. Wiggle the drill up and down to elongate the hole (1).

Use pliers to cut and bend a 320mm length of 1.5mm diameter wire into a oval shape (2). Repeat, and make a second oval.

Make the wall
How to make a wooden stirring stick container: illustration 2

Slide a stirring stick and two wooden beads onto the two wires (as shown above) and repeat until the wire oval is filled (3).

To complete the bowl walls, glue the ends of the wire into the last remaining bead using an epoxy based glue (4). Tip: if the wire is too long, trim it, and if it is too short, remove a stirring stick.

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Printable artwork
Make the base
How to make a wooden stirring stick container: illustration 3

Use tin snips to cut out a rectangular section from the side of a soda can (5).

Stand the ‘bowl wall’ onto the rectangle and trace around it. Cut out the shape using tin snips, this is the base, and trim it until it fits snugly within the bowl wall (6).

Finally, secure the base inside the bowl wall, just below the row of beads, using blobs of epoxy glue (7).

Add the label
How to make a wooden stirring stick container: illustration 4

Draw your label design onto a piece of paper (mine said ‘COFFEE’) and tape it onto a rectangular piece of soda can. Use a hammer and nail to tap little ‘holes’ along the design (8).

Remove the paper and tape and glue the finished label onto the side of the bowl using more epoxy glue (9).

Finally, if you’d like you bowl to be another colour, paint the wooden stirring sticks and beads with a wood stain (10).


  • 46 wooden stirring sticks*
  • 92 small beads - 6mm in diameter
  • One soda can
  • Wire - 1.5mm thick
  • Paper, epoxy glue
  • Sharp nail
  • Hammer, tin snips, pliers
  • Drill with 1.5mm drill bit
  • Ground coffee and a paint brush

*from Starbucks!

What will I learn?

1) Repetition, the technique used to create the sides of the bowl, is a great way to create something with strong visual appeal.

2) Wood in any form should be treated like gold… so don’t throw out old chopsticks or lolly sticks either.

3) Small things, like a stirring stick, provide as much creative opportunity as the big things… just use them in larger numbers!

Give it your own twist

Even if you don’t want to make a utensil holder, it’s still worth collecting the wooden stirring sticks… they are an awesome craft resource. Check out this post for another thing you can create using stirring sticks.

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