Put down Your Phone and Give Your Free Time Creative Purpose!

Using ONLY The Stuff Around You

Learn to transform the everyday things around you into fun, cool and useful things.

A creative outlet you can enjoy alone, or with your kids… in minutes, or over hours… that will make you feel differently about your life and your work.

Go on, make TODAY the day YOUR free time counts.

No.1 - It’s fun, a lot of fun

Make Fun Creating celebrates the process of making rather than a perfect looking end product, that means it’s for everyone, whatever your skill level.

No.2 - Simple tools

You won’t need a workshop or specialist tools… my dining table is my workbench and my most specialist tool is a pair of tin snips!

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LEARN how to transform the stuff around you into fun and useful things:

Printable artwork

No.3 - Step-by-step guides

All How-Tos come with PLAYFUL hand drawn ‘blueprints’ and many come with printable artwork. Following instructions has never been such fun!

No.4 - Lovingly created

Each project is painstakingly prepared over many days, there are no filler projects on Make Fun Creating, that’s a promise!

It worked for me, it will work for you

As a child I spent hours drawing and making things. But despite going to art college and then working in the creative industry, I found myself making LESS and LESS things over time.

I’m sure you can relate to that.

However, that all changed when my youngest son began to draw and my passion for making things was rekindled… especially when I discovered how wonderful it was at getting rid of life’s frustrations and stresses.

It can do the same for you too!

So how do YOU start?

Browse the back catalogue of projects and do one of three things:

1) Make them as they are, they all come with detailed instructions.
2) Give them your own twist, I suggest some ways you could do this.
3) Use them for inspiration only, and make up your own projects.
4) Subscribe to Make Fun Creating*.

*Yes, it’s the ONLY way I can send you extra tips and let you know when I have a new project to make. Don’t miss the opportunity to give YOUR free time creative purpose, scroll down and sign-up now!

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