Mega-Maze Adventure!



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Product Details

The world’s longest maze in a book! A-MAZE-ING. Not just a maze–the book itself is a maze! A portal opens on the front cover, and the maze continues through every page, making this the world’s longest maze in a book. Every spread is a journey through an imaginative world: there’s Robot World and Butterfly World, Ski World and Underwater World, Dragon World and Skyscraper World. Filled with hypnotic details, hidden surprises, fun facts, and bright, swirling, richly-colored details, every page is a compelling adventure.

  • World’s longest maze in a book
  • Maze uniquely starts on the cover
  • 14 intricate maze worlds to complete
  • Fun mega facts to discover
  • Hidden objects to find within each maze
  • High quality board book that opens flat
What People Say

“This maze book is the best I’ve seen. I got it for my 7-year-old from a local toy shop and then bought another here for my 5-year-old. They’re both enjoying them… And they’re taking quite some time to complete them. The mazes are difficult but not too difficult, and there is interesting information and extra things to find on each page. Even appeals to adults as I would like to do it as well! Love it!””

-Cathy, US

About the Author

Scott Bedford is the person behind Make Fun Creating, a creative director who has worked for both global agency networks and cutting-edge technology start-ups. He is also the author of Made by Dad and a Webby Award-winning blogger who loves to make things and draw. He lives with his wife and two sons in Marlow, England.