How to Hang a Skateboard to Show Off the Graphics

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The world’s simplest method for hanging a skateboard on a wall so the underside graphics face outwards!

What’s more, this method is not permanent, you’ll still be able to USE your skateboard.

Two skateboards mounted on the wall using a loop of rope.
Hanging a skateboard has never been easier...
One skateboard mounted on the wall using a loop of rope.
...or looked any cooler!

Step by Step Guide

Like I said, this is one of the easiest ways to hang your skateboard on the wall. Just follow the how-to below, it shouldn’t take more than 15 mins

How to mount a skateboard on the wall:  Step 1

Step 1: Cut a length of rope 650mm long (diameter 6-8mm).

N.B. The length may vary dependent on the skateboard, it needs to fit around the wheels of the board after allowing for the two knots.

How to mount a skateboard on the wall: Step2-3

Step 2: If the rope is made from nylon use a match or lighter to melt the ends to stop them fraying.

Step 3: Tie a knot on each end of the rope and pull the rope super tight to ensure the knots won’t slip.

How to mount a skateboard on the wall:  Step 4-5


No spirit level? Stick a length of masking tape on the wall and level it by eye from a distance.

Step 4: Use a pencil and ruler (or tape measure) to mark two short vertical lines 370mm apart on the wall.

Step 5: Add two horizontal intersecting lines using a spirit level and pencil. These are the two points where you will screw the rope to the wall.

How to mount a skateboard on the wall:  Step 6

The final step is dependent on the type of wall.

Step 6A: If it’s a brick wall, drill a hole using a masonry bit and add a wall plug before screwing each knot into place using a screw and screwdriver.

Step 6B: If the wall is made of wood, screw directly into the wall or drill a small pilot hole first.

That’s it, to hang your skateboard just slip the rope over the wheels!

Slight Twist

For a more industrial look, swap the rope for a thin steel cable.

You’ll need to use cable clamps to create a small loop on each end of the cable, and a large washer to secure it to the wall.

Materials List

  1. Rope (preferably a bright colour)
  2. Craft knife
  3. Matches or lighter
  4. Screwdriver
  5. Two screws 3mm x 30mm
  6. Electric drill
  7. 5mm masonry bit (for brick walls)
  8. 2 x 5mm wall plugs

Creative Takeaway

Look at the objects around you differently… with some imagination you might be able to turn them into temporary art.

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Life-long maker of who also loves to draw. Author of two books.

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